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UK Gets Brexit Extension Till Oct 2019

Leaders of the European Union and the government of U.K. have reached an agreement to flexibly extend the deadline of Brexit till October 31. The European Council’s president, Donald Tusk commented that this development will provide an extra span of six months to the UK for finding out the most feasible solution.

This emergency summit had to be held after Prime Minister of the U.K. Theresa May put in a request for another delay to the nation’s departure from this bloc. May had to request for an extended deadline after the lawmakers of U.K. struck down the deal she had signed with EU the previous year in 3 parliamentary votes based on this agreement. Parliament members (MPs) have also been unsuccessful in reaching any majority in the support of other alternative options.

May held several talks with Jeremy Corbin, who is the opposition leader of the Labor party. These meetings were held with the hopes of an alternative or compromise could be reached. However, that has not been the case till now. After Brexit negotiations ranging over two years, Britain was scheduled to exit the Union come March 29. However, since the Parliament has not backed the deal being offered, the government was forced to ask for a small delay till April 12 so as to get the necessary backing regarding another Brexit strategy.

Since that has not materialized, in the last week, May has been compelled to request for a lengthier delay up until June 30 so as to stop the U.K. from exiting the bloc sans a deal.

The Union had already issued a warning of a lengthier delay will imply that it will have to be a part of the elections of the European Parliament in the latter half of May. Britain would be required to participate in these elections and cast its vote to elect representatives for Europe’s Parliament. Consequently, these members would have to cease working for EU as soon as the U.K. exits the bloc.

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