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Sony Avoiding To Pay $10,000 While Purchasing Crackle Plus Domain Name

Part of introducing a streaming video service is getting the domain name with which the majority of viewers can dependably expect to get the service through the web. For instance, it might be considered a smart shift for HBO to own or for Netflix to own However, for Sony-owned Crackle, it seems getting ownership of the domain name after its future Crackle Plus premium offering is a bit critical, if just because the firm is not convinced to pay about $10,000 to lock it from an individual who already owns it, as per the report from Variety.

An individual named Muhammad Abdullah from Pakistan owns He had registered this name in October 2017. Without divining his intentions, Variety tried to connect with Abdullah by email. He stated that he wanted to start his own entertainment website. It appears clear that there is a purpose to sell the domain for the right value.

On a similar note, Sony came into the news as it is set to slash almost 50% of its smartphone workforce ended in 2020. The firm has taken this move as it is looking to turn its mobile division around, as per Nikkei Asian Review. While it does not reveal the source of this information, it reports that about 2,000 of the firm’s 4,000-strong smartphone employees are supposed to get the chop.

Apparently, those staff members will lose their jobs until March 2020, with responsibilities being slashed in China, Japan, and Europe. The move appears to be impelled by a drop in Sony’s smartphone market share. From the past few years, it has been taking a tumble, so much so that the firm slashed about 1,000 workers in 2014. Sony’s smartphones are said to be quite impressive, mainly when it comes to display tech. Other parts of the firm’s business are going great in comparison.

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