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Readdle’s Spark Email App Rolled Out For Android Users

A free email application developed by Readdle, Spark, is now accessible for Android users too. The app was rolled out as a free app initially with no advertisements on iOS, trailed by Mac, and Android now. Spark’s Android rollout overlaps with the shutdown deadline of Inbox by Google, which may incite some of the latter’s users to swap. Spark is an apt email application for those who prefer customization.

The Smart Inbox feature is among the best features of the email app as it makes your inbox appear much less overawing. Emails are tidily organized by it in distinct parts in the inbox. For example, at the top one will see a room for notifications, where their most recent unread emails are shown. Beneath that their pinned emails are shown and lastly the third area displays read emails.

This tidy arrangement needs no input from the user’s end and assists a lot with filtering out emails on their Android device. Also, Spark, with its Send Later feature, enables one to schedule emails that were included to Gmail only just. Spark is accessible as a free download through Google Play and it’s free to use with no advertisements for individual users.

On a similar note, as mentioned, Google is launching a new Write Now, Send Later feature that enables one to write significant e-mails whenever they wish and have the alternative to schedule them to be sent later on. When the feature is enabled for one’s account, they will see a fresh drop-down arrow within the Send box when they are composing a mail in the browser. Following writing the message, tap the drop-down arrow and select “Schedule Send.” Then a time-and-date selector will surface enabling one to select when they wish to send their email. The message will be sent by Gmail at the requested time.

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