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Older Mothers At Higher Complication Risk In C Section Deliveries

Most of the pregnant women have to face several complexities during cesarean childbirth in comparison to vaginal child delivery. In recent times child delivery through cesarean is most common in most of the countries around the globe. The rate of C-section delivery has risen to 20% in most of the developed nations. According to the report provided by the World Health Organization, doctors recommend this surgery if it would be impossible to deliver the child otherwise.

Though C-section deliveries save lives of mother and child there are other risks which make a mother prone to risk viz. blood clots, excessive bleeding, organ failure, infections, etc. A group of researchers conducted an experiment to study the surgery related complexities and a medical condition which makes the pregnant women undergo C-section deliveries. Researchers studied a total of 1,444 women who suffered from complexities after C-sectional delivery. They also considered another group of 3,464 women who weren’t prone to complications.

Researchers inferred that pregnant women who had undergone C-section delivery were more prone to those who had given childbirth via vaginal delivery. Researchers also stated that women who were older than 35 years of age were more prone to complexities during c-sectional delivery.

Through an email, Dr. Catherine Deneux Tharaux stated that during the C-sectional deliveries pregnant women can develop serious complexities in their bodies. Dr. Catherine also wrote that major hemorrhage can be considered as the main cause of such complications. Through the email, Dr. Catherine also wrote that stoppage in physiological bleeding causes the uterus to contract and this effect reduces in women who undergo pregnancy after 35 years of age.

Furthermore, Laura Schummers wrote in her email that C-sectional delivery further increases the complexities in second delivery. She also wrote that women above 35 years of age should undertake the decision of cesarean delivery after a second thought if they are planning to have further babies.

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