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Now Snapchat Available In Marathi, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati Languages

Now Snapchat will be accessible in 4 Indian languages, as declared by the firm. The social media firm stated that it has localized the experience of Snapchat for Indian users and now they will be capable of accessing the application in Marathi, Hindi, Punjabi, and Gujarati. Snapchat, besides these 4 languages, is also receiving backing for Malay, Filipino, Urdu, and Vietnamese. The declaration arrives less than a month following the Snapchat was discovered validating these languages in the app’s beta version.

The upgraded iOS application of Snapchat with backing for the new languages in obtainable now in the App Store, while the upgraded Android version is anticipated shortly. So far, the new variant of the Android app was not mentioned in Google Play Store. The rollout of Snapchat in local languages is merely one of the several efforts by the Los Angeles-situated firm over the past few months to extend in the country, just 4 Years following the firm’s CEO Evan Spiegel purportedly referred India as “poor” and stated that Snapchat is “for the rich people only.”

Likewise, the photo-messaging app is also said to be validating another new feature comprising a traditional social networking feature providing “Status” alternative—its own variant of Instagram-like “@Mention” stickers together with a fresh UI (user interface) for Snap Map. To record all the location the user check-in at and with whom, the firm is also attempting its hands on a facility called “virtual passport” as a personal history that users can delete or view singularly, as reported by the Social Media Today.

The test features were initially exposed by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong. Snapchat, with these features, appears to be aiming the “gamification” point of the platform that the firm has been recognized for, in which users develop records of shared snaps with each other each day and entitle them “Snap Streaks.”

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