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Mike Pompeo Lauds His Mexican Counterpart’s Efforts For Ending US-Mexico Trade Stalemate

Secretary of State of US, Mike Pompeo has thanked his counterpart in Mexico for his great work in settling with an agreement between two nations. Central American migrants would be restricted from entering United States in huge figures. President Trump has also announced on Twitter on June 8th that he has for now cancelled all his plans of imposing tariffs on Mexican exports into US. He also said that Mexico has finally agreed to check the tide of uncountable migration through Mexico to the Southern Border.

Pompeo has appreciated Foreign minister of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard following three days of negotiations. He has also mentioned that United States would look towards working with Mexico to make sure the commitments are being maintained. This would ensure there are no illegal migrants from Central America to the Southern border and making their own border stronger.

US assured that they would work towards widening the program which returns asylum-seekers who went beyond the southern border to Mexico during their claims being adjudicated. State Department has also said that Mexico would take strict steps to cease uncountable migration and would deploy their National Guard on the southern border. US have also stated that Mexico has taken required action to stop trafficking of organizations and human smuggling. Trump has stopped the 5% tariff which he was supposed to levy on Mexican imports that would have been implemented from June 10th. State Department has further said that both the countries will work together in curbing illegitimate migration into US.

There was an entire week of threatening comments to levy the tariff. However, Trump had finally decided not to go further with it after the negotiating terms were made. He had been stuck to his decision even while flying back from Europe. But, the deals struck between the nations made him happy enough to cancel it for indefinite period.

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