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Facebook Undecided Over Its Hate-Speech Policies

YouTube is among the companies who have given their logo a makeover of rainbow theme for showing its support to the LGBT rights, but now a row has started over how this site is enforcing its hate-speech policies. And journalist Carlos Maza is at the center of it. Maza presents a well-known series - Strikethrough - for Vox, a news site. Maza said that he had faced continuous abuse from his rival Steven Crowder with 3.8 million YouTube subscribers.

Whenever Maza published a video for news site Vox, Crowder would post his video debunking Maza’s video using insulting language for attacking the ethnicity and sexual orientation of Maza. The past week, Maza had posted a compilation of videos showing the abuse. In the video clips, Crowder would imitate the accent of Maza and called him “gay Vox sprite”, “lispy queer”, and “gay Mexican”.

Maza had asked the video-sharing site to investigate. He tweeted saying that the videos receive million views on the site and every time one video gets posted, he wakes up to homophobic or racist abuse on Twitter and Instagram. He added that the videos make him a target of harassment. The site said that it would be investigating. It had conducted a review and it came out with a reply on Tuesday. YouTube said that although they found the language was hurtful, the videos don’t as such violate their policies.

After getting lot of criticism, on Wednesday YouTube had announced that it would be demonetizing Crowder’s channel due to continuous egregious actions, which means that he will not be able to mint money from revenues through advertisements on the videos. However, Maza said that this is not enough. He said that most of the political content has been already demonetized and Crowder will be selling merchandise through his channel.

YouTube stated that Crowder will be required to remove the links to t-shirts on his Chanel for reinstating monetization on his channel.

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