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Engineers Design Injectable Tissue—Recent Study

Recently a team of researchers has developed an injection which can re-grow the tissue. While speaking to the press, Keekyoung Kim stated that the idea of injecting tissue cells is an old concept. He further stated that due to injecting healthy cells at a damaged site, the body gets a chance to repair at a higher rate. Kim further said that this facility can work equally well for bones, ligaments and the whole organ can also get repaired through this invention.

Contrary to the findings, few scientists also suggested that cells which are injected at a particular site have fewer chances of survival. During an exclusive press interview, Mohamed Gamal said that it is very essential for the body cells to be inside of an enclosing which protects them from the immune system of the body. He further said that the cell encapsulation is a very time consuming and costly process.

After thorough research, Gamal, as well as Kim, had invented a gel which is expected to keep the cells in a protected environment, a work which is done during encapsulation. Through the use of microgel, the survival rate of cells has increased up to 85%.

Speaking to reporters Kim said that though the process was very costly in the past. Now, through the help of microgel, it can be done at cost-effective pricing. Kim also said that this invention will also be very beneficial for the field of bio-engineering. To advocate the statement made by Kim, Gamal said that any laboratory can establish micro gel producing machine within a thousand dollar range.

At present, the team of researchers is focusing on how to embed several stem cells. They are further focusing to embed several growth hormones which are very essential for a human body. The researchers are planning to use stem cells which have the capability to transform into several types of cells.

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