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Apple To Reportedly Bring An End To iTunes Era—Report

After 16 remarkable years of redefining the music industry, Apple is finally expected to bring down the curtains on iTunes. Bloomberg News reported on Friday afternoon that Apple will shut down iTunes bringing a huge uproar from social media. iTunes, when it was launched, reshaped the way music reached users across the globe. It challenged the unethical way of downloading music for free via the internet and provided a way to counter it.

Apple is expected to hold its annual developer conference on Monday, where it will announce a division of iTunes into three different applications; one for music, one for TV, and one for Podcasts. After coming up in 2003 as a vision of Steve Jobs to free the music business piracy, iTunes reached its peak in the late 2000s. At its peak, iTunes became a must have for every music lover around the globe as more and more artists opted to release their music on iTunes and kept their music safe from reaching the free of cost downloading world. Reportedly, Spotify’s rise has brought a downfall of iTunes and the company did not consider the current model to be good enough anymore. Further details of the end of iTunes are still unknown as any Apple official refused to make any comments.

As for Apple’s new developments are concerned, the most intriguing will be the launch of their much hyped Augmented Reality (AR) headsets. The company has been working on it for years, and if the sources are to be believed, it is just about time for them to release the iGlasses. Interestingly, the expected date for the release was expected to be around late 2019 or early 2020. That implies that we might have an official announcement in Monday’s WWDC, along with all the other more than expected announcements.

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