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Apple iPhone’s Dark Mode; A Win-Win For All!

At the recently Annual Developer’s Conference of Apple WWDC the tech major announced one of its newest tools called iOS 13 which is likely to launch in fall this year. At the press conference a representative from Apple gave participants a preview of what the setting of the new iOS will look like on different apps ranging from Apple Music to News and Photos. This will be available to iPhone users through an app that will have an owl icon. The new mode is dark in color which is easy on the eyes and saves battery.

Due to the dark mode even the iPhone has a black background and has grey keyboard with icons that are less stark than on bright and white backgrounds. The support page of Apple that enables installation of the dark mode on Mac states that this dark setting makes it easy for people working to concentrate better as only the work screen stands out while dark windows and other controls fade into the background. The feature is available across all its gadgets namely iPhones, iPads and other applications that are part of Apple’s ecosystem and can be turned on automatically during sunset or at a scheduled time.

Apple’s dark mode is not a unique concept and has been gaining popularity on several platforms like Twitter and devices like Samsung’s Galaxy range of smartphones and Chrome browser of Google. Even though Apple has not made any claims about battery saving it could be a built in benefit as black bode on smartphones with OLED displays uses less power. Apple said during launch that the dark mode has been designed to make screen elements easy on the eyes as blinding white screens lead to tired eyes and also headaches after sometime. While it remains to be seen if dark modes will impact health or battery life this design makes the screen’s colors and text stand out.

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