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Apple And Other Tech Giants Join Hands To Stand Against GCHQ Proposal

Tech Giants around the globe have come together and joined hands with civil society groups and security experts in expressing their dissent against Britain’s cyber security agency’s proposal to add a third party to end-to-end encrypted chats and calls. The proposals states adding a third participant in the chat will keep the encryption as it is and will also let law enforcements to have the records when needed. In an open letter to GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters), Google, WhatsApp, and Apple constituting a total of 47 signatories raised their concern against the UK agency to drop their plans.

In 2018, Ian Levy and Crispin Robinson, technical director of Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre and GCHQ’s head of cryptanalysis, published an essay with details of their proposed “ghost protocol”. In their publication, they explained how adding a third party to encrypted messages and calls would allow law enforcement to access all the content without dealing with the encryption. The companies clearly stated that it would leave the primary goal of encrypting messages, user’s personal security, shattered in the first place. Ian Levy, in reply to the open letter stated that they welcome the response from companies and the proposal was just to initiate an attempt to help law enforcement. Any possible solution from any side would be most welcome.

On similar footsteps, Australia’s Telecommunications Access and Assistance Act of December 2018 also stands as a measure from law enforcement to take down encrypted messages. Ever since the law has been passed, there has been severe criticism of the Australian government, with many tech companies ready to even stop functioning in Australia. The worst affected by this law will by end users of WhatsApp and other encrypted messaging service users in Australia. Tech Giants like Google and Apple have sternly opposed the law as well.

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