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Allergy Season Worsens Due To Changes In Climate

According to researchers near about 20 million US citizens suffer from allergic reactions and intense sneezing due to pollens. In the latest report, the American Centre of Disease Control stated that in future more people would get prone to such infections.

Data which was gathered by researchers showcased that fewer people were prone to Hay fever during the 70s, whereas 30% of people get succumbed to the allergy in 2000s. Researchers also stated that Asthma has become a common allergic disease among US citizens. They further said that the disease gets worse when a person gets exposed to pollen grains.

Many researchers have also blamed the rapid change in the climate as a cause for such allergic reactions. Scientists reported that warm climates increase the number and mobility of pollen grains. As per new research, reports scientists have showcased their concern for warmer climates which would influence ragweed to migrate towards the north. Scientists also warn the citizens of Maine, New York, and Vermont as they will get affected in the worst way.

During an exclusive press meeting, Angel Waldron said that warmer climatic conditions will help pollens to thrive as trees would pollinate for longer time duration. Waldron also said that since few years people of the US have witnessed an increase in allergic reactions due to pollen grains.

The scientific report also stated that in upcoming future pollen producing plants would cover many states. Researchers also said that the rate of pollen production would increase with an increase in carbon dioxide emission.

Researchers advised people to consult their doctors about how to avoid the attacks caused by allergic reactions. Scientists also advised people to change their clothes if they have stayed outside for a considerable time period. They also advised citizens to clean their pets on a regular basis so that they couldn’t transfer any pollen to them. Citizens were also asked to use vacuum cleaners which are equipped with HEPA filters.

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