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A Widespread Pain Reliever Increases Stroke Risk In Diabetic Patients

Acetaminophen, generally known by brand names, for instance, Tylenol, is one of the most commonly used pain relievers. Approximately 60 Years of common use have made acetaminophen a common product. In most countries, it is found distributed over the counter (OTC). It is as well referred to be safe by the scientific community. But, acetaminophen is one of the most widespread medications engaged in overdoses and the most common reason for drug-induced liver failure.

Surprisingly, the working of acetaminophen is recently comprehended. The recent study shows that there is a need to develop a better perceptive of the requirement for vigilance while using acetaminophen, particularly when it comes to evading some of the threats associated with its use. Earlier research suggests that these threats can range from enlarged asthma to interactions with other drugs, or the threat for developing other health issues including bone fractures, kidney toxicity, or blood cancers.

On a similar note, Tanzania came into the news as it is running out of morphine, which is an important reliever of critical pain for individuals with terminal illnesses. The Ocean Road Cancer Institute is known for procuring as well as supplying the drug to compounding units. This institute has raised the distress over the latest shortage of the drug. Reportedly, it is facing this issue from last year.

An institute official, on condition not to be disclosed their identity, told The EastAfrican that they had only two tins of opioid. He added that this stock cannot last for a month also. Generally, cancer patients use Morphine as a pain reliever. Reportedly, few other patients suffering from severe pain as well are found using Morphine. Since June 2018, the institute has been in search of the medication from the Tanzania Medical Stores Department, which is said to be the only importer of morphine powder and other controlled medications in the country, to no avail.

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