What does Renewed mean in Amazon?


You may sometimes wonder and get confused when you find a Renewed tag on some of the Amazon fulfilled products. Let me share some detailed information about it. This is actually a category of products that is not brand but has been refurbished by the seller to a new condition. You can’t find any scratch or visible damage on it with bare eyes when you keep it at a distance of a minimum of 12 inches.

When you place an order for renewed products, you will get all the accessories with it as it comes with a new product of the same brand or model. You will get a six months warranty also from the seller of the product. Even renewed products have a standard return policy the same as brand new products as per their categories.

Should we buy renewed products from Amazon or not?

According to Amazon’s claim, they have a dedicated team that reviews and inspects these variants provided by the seller. These have the new-like condition, and you won’t be able to find any imperfection with bare eyes. You will get it in the same packaging as the new variants deliver and you will get all the accessories as well. If any variant doesn’t have, it would be mentioned on the Amazon product page in the description.

These products are those which were earlier delivered to customers, but they have returned it due to some issue found in it. But Once it is returned, these have been refurbished, replaced the necessary part if required and now working in good condition. So, the seller has listed it as renewed, and Amazon’s dedicated team has manually inspected it and found it in good condition to be sold as a renewed product. 

Will I have to face any issue while claiming a warranty for it?

For renewed products, a six months warranty is being offered by the seller itself. Amazon only allows the seller who has an excellent rating from customers, and they have been selling on Amazon for a long time. So, that they can keep their customers satisfied, you will find a warranty card in the product box delivered to you, provided by the seller.

You can find all the details on it, for claiming warranty. In case you don’t find any warranty card then you can contact Amazon’s customer support. They will help you in this regard. 

Return for Renewed products

You can easily return the renewed product the same as new ones. The only condition is subject to the product category; if Amazon supports return in that category, then you can, if not, then you can’t. However, you should always check for the product’s return policy whichever you are going to buy.


Detailed information has been mentioned about Renewed products on Amazon. If you still have further queries about it, you can ping us, and we would love to answer all those queries. You can even contact Amazon customer care; they will surely help you in resolving all your issues.